Thursday, January 9, 2014

Burning Down the Kitchen at Cravings of a Lunatic

No, I didn't get a facelift. I could never be this good looking...

Just after Labor Day of 2012, you might remember I wrote a guest post for Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic. As I've noted in the past, Kim sets herself apart from my other food blogger friends because of her wit and humor. I can say that I am genuinely entertained when I read her words.

One series she does at Cravings is called Burning Down The Kitchen where she features a fellow food blogger, interviews them and replicates a recipe that appears on the featured blogger's website. Today, she has bestowed this honor upon me. So last month, she emailed me a questionnaire that I completed but the dish she chooses to recreate is classified even to me until it's published. I'll be fascinated to see if my written instructions are easily followed.

One other thing Kim does that makes her amazing is that she writes and manages two food blogs. I honestly don't know how she finds the time. Her grilling site is Kiss My Smoke. I highly recommend catching this lady wherever you can, such as on Facebook, G+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and of course twitter. Please also check out her Kiss My Smoke Facebook and Pinterest pages.

To see my feature, please click here.


  1. Ha, I was stopping by to say hey, and then I fell over when I saw my big mug up on your blog. I had to do a double take, was hilarious.

    Thanks so much for your kind and sweet word DB. I am so happy we did this. It was an absolute delight to get to know you better. I am seriously determined that we will meet one day and cook up a storm together. I have a feeling your technical skills far outweigh my own.

    Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of doing this with you. It was such an honour and I'm so blessed to have you for a friend.


    1. I didn't realize you were scared of your own shadow...


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