Monday, June 24, 2013

Guest Post at Just Prepare It Deliciously: Old School Movie Popcorn

Old School Movie Popcorn

Today is the first Monday of the summer! Did you see any movies over this past weekend? If so, I bet you ate something that has become synonymous with movie going: Popcorn. I believe the snack has gotten an undeserved reputation of being unhealthy, so when Rose of Just Prepare It Deliciously asked me to write a guest post for her, I seized the opportunity to demonstrate how quick and healthy popcorn can be. Rose started her website, in part, to hold herself accountable to execute at least 1 new recipe each week. She and I differ because she primarily profiles weeknight meals so check out our contrasting styles. In addition to her blog, please 'Like' her facebook page, and/or follow her on twitter, pinterest, and G+.

The Challenge

Sucessfully execute a dish for someone else while leaving a good impression on their readers.

The Source, Ingredients and Method

...can all be found at Just Prepare It Deliciously.


Once again, I'm not able to determine this on my own.

Finally, did you see last night's episode of Next Food Network Star? I'm not surprised that Lovely was eliminated and was pleasantly surprised this post fit in so well with this week's theme. My lingering question continues to be where's Bob and Susie? I'm bewildered by their absence and amazed the authority to eliminate contestants has been given to Bobby, Giada and Alton.

In addition, Food Network's Star Salvation which is their version of Last Chance Kitchen, the four eliminated contestants faced each other again with Danushka and Lovely left standing. I'll continue to monitor it until Danushka gets eliminated again.

Speaking of Food Network in general, their decision to not renew Paula Deen's contract upon expiration made sense from a business standpoint. Her admission of the racist slur she used in the past was just the most recent controversy. (Remember the diabetes uproar 18 months ago?) I think her missed appointment with Matt Lauer to explain herself was the last straw so to speak. What will be interesting to watch is the fate of her other endorsements, not to mention her newest cookbook that was scheduled to be published later this year. Time will tell.


  1. Thanks again for your great guest post!

  2. I was also happy that Lovely was eliminated...she's a bit too confident for my taste. Danushka bugs me too.

  3. Great guest post! I swear, some weeks I go through an entire container of popcorn... the Hubs and I make it almost every evening! I have a hot-air popper for when I'm feeling lazy (or it's too hot to turn on the stove), but stove-top is definitely best. :)


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