Thursday, May 21, 2015

Preview of a Red White and Blue #SundaySupper

Flag at the Main Post Office. Kirkland, WA

I'm a little surprised that I'm typing this but this upcoming weekend is the unofficial start of summer in the Untied States and it begins with an extra day off for many on Monday, the 25th, called Memorial Day. Is it just me or has the year flew by for you too? It seems like just last week when I was wishing Mrs. Stuntman a happy new year. Regardless, the weekend has evolved to be associated with backyard barbecues and family vacations, so I thought I'd remind you of the history behind the day.

Since it's an American holiday, the colors of it's flag (i.e. red, white and blue) are very popular and even permeate into the food that's served that weekend, so the team at #SundaySupper has decided to use the theme Red, White and Blue this week and dozens of bloggers have decided to prepare dishes that are red, white and/or blue. I look forward to this Sunday and offer this preview of dishes to be published:

Food Using One Color
Red Food
White Food
Blue Food
Food Using Two Colors
Red and White Food
Blue and White Food
Red, White and Blue Food

5 Tips for Potlucks by Sunday Supper Movement

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