Monday, October 26, 2015

Guest Post at Simply Healthy Family: Pan-Seared Sea Scallops, Carrot Purée, Sautéed Ham and Mushrooms

Pan-Seared Sea Scallops, Carrot Purée, Sautéed Ham and Mushrooms

Right around Labor Day, my friend Gwen of Simple Healthy Family put out a request for guest posts for her blog because her family recently purchased a home and her life was going to get rather busy with a full time job in addition to moving, but she didn't want to neglect her blog. Having moved several times in the last decade, I could empathize so I volunteered. Unfortunately, my life also got busy and I only recently prepared the dish I promised her, so I offer my apologies to her for the delay.

From the standpoint of the dish itself I've prepared for Gwen, I'll just note that it's not my first time preparing scallops for the website. I wasn't satisfied with my first attempt primarily because I used inferior scallops and didn't achieve the sear I wanted. Last year, I had to severely alter the preparation of a Martha Stewart scallop appetizer because I had a different professional opinion regarding the techniques utilized and I also prepared a scallops entrée that used seasonal ingredients but the best scallops dish, in my opinion, is the one I prepared for #SundaySupper in February of 2014.

Before I send you to Simply Healthy Family for the recipe, please add her to your G+ circles, follow her on Pinterest, Instagram and twitter in addition to giving her Facebook page a Like.

So have I surpassed the #SundaySupper dish I prepared? Click here to go to Simply Healthy Family to find out.

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